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MSMEE 2022 will give you the opportunity to present and discuss their ideas, theories, technologies, systems, tools, applications, work in progress and experiences on all related theoretical and practical issues. More specifically, MSMEE 2022 will be focusing on the materials science, mechatronics, mechanical engineering and energy engineering, and their applications. Topics of interest include but not limited to:


☼ 材料科学与应用:

Materials Science and Applications


Mechanical Science and Engineering

☼ 机械装置与设备:

Machinery and Mechanized Equipment

☼ 机电一体化及相关技术:

Mechatronics and Related Technologies

☼ 电气工程及自动化:

Electrical Engineering and Automation

☼ 能源科学与技术:

Energy Science and Technology

☼ 电力工程及传输:

Power Engineering and Transport

☼ 其它相关议题:

Other Related Fields

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